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Forum geografic: Volume XXI, issue 2


Geographical studies and environment protection research

Volume XXI, issue 2 (12 2022), pp. 97-226

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Editors Slavoljub DRAGIĆEVIĆ, Vesna LUKIĆ, Nina NIKOLOVA, Gabriel MINEA


  1. Characteristics of volcanic mountains morphostructure of Transcarpathia, Ukraine
  2. Features of the morphology and dynamics of the shallow-island part of the Dolgaya Spit (the Sea of Azov)
  3. Estimating organic carbon in soils modified by technical processes in Kula Municipality (Bulgaria)
  4. Morphometry and Topographic Wetness Index Analysis for flood inundation mapping in Mata Allo watershed (South Sulawesi, Indonesia)
  5. Covid-19 lockdown effect on aerosol optical depth in Delhi National Capital Region, India
  6. Solid waste management as an urban area regulation in Algeria. Case of El-Khroub city
  7. Ecosystem behavior face to climatic changes and anthropogenic actions. Case study: a north-eastern urban wetland, Tunisia
  8. Ecosystem services versus wellbeing – implications for sustainable tourism: the host perspective
  9. International migration and its impact on the spatial dynamics of Guercif city (Morocco)
  10. The relationship between net migration and financial inclusion in Romania