Volume XXII |

The role of landscape character analysis in supporting urban tourism sites in Amman

Abstract: Historical and modern urban sites are important attraction points for the city, being considered a favourite destination for residents and tourists. The result of interaction between people and nature on these sites is the landscape, its unique character defining the identity of the place. The landscape character depends on several features, including topography, climate, biodiversity, and the site itself. The landscape character analysis gives a classification based on the characteristics and determinants of the area and highlights the natural strengths and attractions in each area. In this study, the tourism sites in Amman were chosen because of their social, economic, and historical importance as sites located in the capital city and to assess the urban landscape character and determine the function of the tourism sites in the city. To assess the landscape function of the area, an evaluation was made, considering criteria such as: Recreational Activities, Traditional Built Environment, Nature and Landscape Features, History and Heritage, Accessibility, Infrastructure, and Facilities. Score levels were given according to the intensities of the criteria in the neighborhoodsneighbourhoods within the borders of Greater Amman Municipality, as low, medium, and high according to field surveys at the sites by researchers. The desired result of the study is to make a comprehensive assessment of the importance of the landscape character in attracting tourism to Amman, identifying areas with a high density of landscapes, and drawing up a plan to capitalize on them and highlight their importance to the city.