Supplement 1

Forum geografic: Volume XI, supplement 1


Geographical studies and environment protection research

Volume XI, supplement 1 (09 2012), pp. 1-72

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Editors Mirela MAZILU


  1. Identity and sustainable development in rural tourism
  2. An empirical approach to traditional products from Europe compared to the traditional ones from Romania
  3. Opportunities for the development of tourism in Letea River levee of the Danube Delta biosphere reserve
  4. Aspects Concerning Tourism-Related Communication. Case Study: Poiana Ruscă Mountains (Romania)
  5. The possibility of developing a tourist ethno-folkloric route in the West Region, Romania
  6. Rural tourism as a strategic option for social and economic development in the rural area in Romania
  7. Cultural identity and tourist destination development. A case study of the Land of Bârsa (Romania)
  8. Residents and non-residents’ perception towards the touristic image of Craiova municipality, Romania
  9. The individualization of the hotel as tourist attraction in the urban area of Transylvania
  10. The natural tourism potential of Galați town and its sustainable capitalization