Volume XI |

The natural tourism potential of Galați town and its sustainable capitalization

Abstract: This study analyzes the natural tourism potential of Galați Town within the context of sustainable development, starting from the quantitative and qualitative assessment of the natural tourist patrimony, with the purpose of highlighting the elements of attractiveness, as well as the local factors that encourage or hinder tourist functionality. The qualitative assessment of the tourist potential, undertaken by quantifying the tourist sights, which were grouped into several types, has allowed the identification of the tourist attractions. A particular attention has been paid to the natural vegetation, which has not been seriously impacted by the human society and which has been protected and preserved within the framework of the Natura 2000 European Programme. The analyses undertaken and the bioclimatic indicators computed based on the existing data prove that in this area the local climate is favorable for the tourist activities. Our interest on this topic stems from the desire to highlight the tourism potential of this geographical space and to promote it at the national level.