Volume XI |

Aspects Concerning Tourism-Related Communication. Case Study: Poiana Ruscă Mountains (Romania)

Abstract: Tourism is a phenomenon where communication is particularly important, being largely responsible for converting prospective tourists, into actual tourists. The article is based on the paradigm, functions and factors of tourism-related communication, and analysis how tourism-related communication takes place in the Poiana Rusca Mountains tourist area. This is a mountain area with complex tourism potential, located within the 1.5 hours isochrone of several urban centers, which makes it attractive for weekend, proximity tourism. The analysis considered several components: communication within the emitting spaces, communication within the studied area, as well as communication using the cyberspace. Based on the general theory of communication and its practice in tourism, the conclusion reveals several restrictive elements on the side of the sender – advertising being in short supply and lacking a coherent message –, as well as on that of the receiver – the absence of a predilection for outdoor tourism and hiking.