Volume XXI |

Characteristics of volcanic mountains morphostructure of Transcarpathia, Ukraine

Abstract: The study presents a detailed geomorphological characterization of the volcanic mountains of Transcarpathia. Materials of previous geological researches, including the Transcarpathian geological exploration expedition, supplemented by the results of our own field researches, are systematized. Based on the analysis of relief forms and taking into account geomorphological and tectonic factors, Vyhorlat-Gutyn morphostructure of the second order is divided into morphostructures of the third order: Poprychny, Antaliv-Synyatska, Velykyi Dil, Tupy and Oash, which in turn are divided into morphostructures of lower orders. The Mukachevo morphostructure of the second order is composed of the following morphostructures of the third order: Beregovo hills, Kosino-Biganski hills, volcanic remains (Shalanka, Chorna Gora). Based on a detailed analysis of the collected materials, it was determined that the main role in shaping the modern relief of volcanic mountains belongs to channel and temporary water flows and weathering processe; consequently, river valleys and weathering surfaces were formed, which are the most important morphosculptures. On the basis of morphological and structural-lithological approach, as well as own field research, a geomorphological map of the volcanic mountains mountains of Transcarpathia on a scale of 1: 100,000 was compiled.