Volume XIV |

The Human Pressure on the Environment Quality Through Land Use in Northern Side of the Someșean Plateau – Romania

Abstract: The analysed rural area has encountered, over the years, a series of economic, demographic and especially ecological changes, driven by the development of the society. Most of these changes had negative effects upon the environment. Human activities have also determined positive and negative topographic changes on the environment. The economic activities taking place in this rural area suffer from a lack of diversity and focus only on the usage of local resources, mainly agricultural and forestry. This is the main reason that caused the increase of the human impact upon the landscape and its components.The current state of the quality of the environment and the changes it has suffered should have a significant importance for the rural community, so that one may issue some measures for protecting the ecosystems, for a sustainable development process to take place. The present study analyses the main human activities from the northern part of the Someșean Plateau in order to draw attention to the impact of human pressure on the quality of the environment.