Volume VIII |

The Present-Day Erosional Processes in the Alpine Level of the Bucegi Mountains – Southern Carpathians

Abstract: A relief that is strongly modelled by extensive erosion processes (sheet erosion, rills and gullies) characterizes the Alpine level of the Bucegi Mountains. All processes are favoured by the geological structure represented by conglomerates, limestone with grit stone intrusions, by strongly degraded podzolic soils with a loamy-sandy texture in the first layer and by some economic activities, such as the overgrazing and the tourism. We have identified an area with large-scale erosion forms in the sector comprised between Furnica Peak and Piatra Arsa Peak. This paper analyses the genesis and the manifestation conditions of the erosion processes, as well as the climate, making use of the temperature and the precipitation data provided by the meteorological stations in the region. Using the Péltier diagram, we framed the region to various seasons. By subsequently using the Péguy diagram, we framed the region to the morphoclimatic conditions and to the river processes. On the other hand, by using GIS, we created geology, slope, soil and vegetation Boolean maps and then the risk map to the erosion processes.