Volume XXI |

Solid waste management as an urban area regulation in Algeria. Case of El-Khroub city

Abstract: The phenomenon of urban pollution is one of the most serious problems that affect people in the world, as it causes the spread of epidemics and diseases that threaten their health. As in the case of other societies, this also represents an important issue for Algeria. Therefore, through this work, we decided to take an example of urban pollution in an Algerian city of historical and administrative importance, represented by the city of El-Khroub located in the province of Constantine; the aim was to monitor the reality of urban waste management in the city center, the disinfection and disposal of urban solid waste. Through this, we monitored the most important ways that local authorities follow to eliminate solid waste, including landfill or incineration, where household waste annually reaches 2045328 tons. The dirt still floats in the city neighborhoods, because of the ignorance of the population, as well as the lack of authorities to ensure a clean and sustainable environment.