Volume XVI |

A web-map of the landscapes of Vitosha Mountain and the development of landscape science in Bulgaria

Abstract: On the first hand, the purpose of this article is to present the map and classification of the landscapes of Vitosha Mountain. On the other hand, it aims to present this map as an example and illustration in the context of traditionally applied approaches in Bulgaria in defining the landscape, as well as in researching and classifying the landscapes. There is also a brief overview of the development of land-scape science in Bulgaria.The choice of the territory in study relates to the fact that Vitosha Mountain is a protected area, i.e. a Nature park declared in 1934, now part of the NATURA 2000 network. The Vitosha Landscape Map is developed by using GIS tools and it is implemented as a web-map, which makes it much easier to access, examine and work with it, as com-pared to static maps.