Volume XIII |

Analysis of River regime and Water balance of the Temštica River Basin (South-East Serbia) during the 1980-2012 Period

Abstract: In this study we analyze river regime and water balance of the Temštica River on the base of thirty three year (1980 – 2012) data series. For this study period, the mean water level of the Temštica River was 41 cm. The average discharge of the Temštica River at Staničenje station for the investigated period is 5.63 m3/s. Annual changes in average discharge is similar to the annual course of mean monthly low and high discharge values. It is concluded that the Temštica river has moderate – continental river regime. Although the precipitation quantity is not so low – 596 mm per year, of which 217.05 mm or 36.42 % of it runoffs, and 378.92 mm, or 63.58% evaporates. The ratio of the components of the water balance in the basin is not convenient, appropriate measures to improve the situation in this river basin should be taken.