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Using GIS in the Assessment of Landscape visual quality: a Methodological Approach Applied to Piatra Neamt, Romania

Abstract: This study demonstrates the feasibility of using GIS in the assessment of landscape visual quality. Based on the digital elevation model achieved by processing the 1:5000 scale topographic plans, Viewshed analysis application was performed for 5 observation points of the territory, which were selected by objective criteria. We tried to quantify the landscape values of Piatra Neamt administrative territory through an objective analysis of the reality on the ground reflected from the observation points, taking into consideration also the human perception regarding these aspects (a hardly accepted domain by the scientific community). The analysis can lead to precise values of the landscape, yet the only element more difficult to quantify remains human perception. The application was possible starting from the mathematical interpretation of the landscape proposed by Neuray G. in 1987, but a great importance in achieving the expected results is held by the specific GIS techniques mentioned above. The main purpose is to highlight the landscape potential of the area of study, noting that this analysis can be applied to any other area.