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Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija in the Second Half of the 19th Century According to an Ethnic Map of a Part of Old Serbia

Abstract: This article interprets the results of the author’s cartographic work on the Ethnic map of a part of Old Serbia, 1:300,000. This map pertains to a part of the historical Old Serbia, especially Kosovo and Metohija, with the addition of the Kuršumlija nahiya. It was made on the basis of three volumes of travel notes made by Miloš S. Milojević, who travelled through this area towards the end of the 1860’s and in the early 1870’s. The map presents, in an accessible manner, through the make-up and distribution of the population in the settlements within the region, the ethnic situation at the time, relying on the ethnic-national and religious-confessional criteria; that is to say, it presents the demographic-statistical structure of the mutual relations between Serbs and Albanians immediately before the wars between Serbia and Turkey fought in 1876 and 1877/78, when Serbs were the majority and Albanians the minority population on the territory of the Kosovo and Metohija region.