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Planning Nature Conservation and Tourism Development in Cheile Turzii

Abstract: Biodiversity conservation appeared as a result of the uncontrolled man induced impact upon the environment. In order to protect vulnerable habitats, certain protection decisions and politics were adopted worldwide. Protected areas were created. For these areas to be viable in terms of biodiversity protection as well as to ensure local population’s welfare, economic activities and resource exploitation, tourism in particular, were integrated. Cheile Turzii is a deeply rural area, where two natural complex reservations exist: Cheile Turzii and Cheile Turenilor. Nevertheless, the status of protected area is not taken into consideration by the local population that has a subsistence living standard and exploits the reservations’ natural resources. Tourism, along with other environment friendly activities, may be the solution for developing this area. Therefore, a territorial planning action is needed for setting the protected zones, the exploitation zones and future development zones.