Volume XIX |

The Implications of the Sahel Security Crisis for the Development of Tourism Industry in Algeria

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to illustrate how Algeria’s tourism industry has been hit by the political instability of the Sahel region countries in the 1999-2020 period, and how the Algerian decision-makers have responded to manage the subsequent adverse effects. The fundamental data used in this study were collected from a series of media reports, press releases and statistical sources in Algeria. Additionally, an important collection of secondary data from different sources was also used. The findings reveal that the Sahel security issues in Africa have had serious implications for the tourism industry in Algeria. The political instability of the neighbouring countries has made “security” the centrepiece of Algerian foreign policy. The study also shows that the Algerian security policy is based on a set of principles that are not changing over time, thus, it has not been flexible enough to respond to actual changes in the security situation. As a result, tourism has been locked in the country’s foreign policy, which unintentionally forces Algeria to abandon what could be one of the most powerful engines of economic growth.