Volume XIX |

A model of CBT networks and organizations: an African perspective and beyond

Abstract: Community-based tourism networks (CBT-N) are important both locally and globally. However, few studies are dedicated to CBT-N. This paper fills this gap and includes an examination of two CBT networks/associations (CBT-N) to validate their role and service in CBT. The two African CBT-Ns examined in this paper show the real need for partnerships and collaborations with various entities and the multiple services that the CBT-N offers for training, funding, marketing, capacity building and empowerment. This paper reviews related literature and the African CBT-N as a case study and proposes a CBT-N model. The model, while not claiming to be all-inclusive, attempts to illustrate the variety of possible collaborators within CBT-N and the wide range of services and activities that the various entities, in primis the CBT-N itself, can propose, harness and manage.