Volume XVI |

The Ethno-creativity in the Pilot Centers in Romania and their Role in the Development of Cultural Tourism and the Educational Process

Abstract: The study aims to assess the role of ethno-creativity in the development of the local economy. Ethno-creative tourism comes in the support of those who want to discover the cultural values of certain ethnic groups by the usage of practices and products that create the sensation of crossing beyond space and time, or new links with traditional ethno-cultural elements through effective participation and learning. The geographical space of Romania has been analyzed using two pilot centers, where ethnicities can be identified in points of space, together with their creative possibilities and values, in an attempt to develop an ethno-cultural tourism. The research has been based on economical data at the level of the NEAC code- Classification of the activities in the national economy, as well as on data obtained from having confronted some representative samples: creative artists, tourists and resident population, analyzed by statistical methods. The partial results obtained underline the impact of this type of development, which may contribute to the increase of the complexity of the functional territorial systems where this type of tourism might implement. Cultural tourism based on creativity and traditional values contributes to the appearance of the economic multiplication effects. The development of the ethno-creative tourism may mean creating jobs within a period of economic crisis and relative social crisis. It can also be considered as a factor of cultural identity popularization, which plays an important role in promoting cultural diversity.