Volume XI |

Morphometric features of the river network from the Bârlad catchment

Abstract: After a brief presentation of the Bârlad catchment, the hydrographic network is analyzed using the Horton-Strahler classification system. From the amount of morphometric parameters, the drainage and the slope patterns are taken into consideration for the entire Bârlad catchment and for the 13 hydrometric stations in the catchment that have data on water flows and suspended sediments. From those there were chosen the Vaslui hydrometric station as representative for the geomorphologic units of the Bârlad catchment and the Feldioara hydrometric station for the Berheci catchment. Based on the analyzed patterns there were determined a series of morphometric parameters specific to the river network for all the 13 analyzed stations and from their comparison one can see obvious differences between the obtained values for the basins in the Central Moldavian Plateau and the ones in the Tutovei Hills.

Volume VIII |

Classification Systems for the Hydrographical Network

Abstract: The paper discusses the main systems of classification and codification starting from the mainstream to the smallest tributaries and the other way round, from the smallest tributaries to the mainstream systems. A new drainage basin coding system is developed based on the Horton-Strahler principles of classification. The new system is supposed to be useful both for scientific research and the management of water resources.