Volume XVII |

Assessing the importance of the Jewish urban cultural heritage in Oradea, Bihor County, Romania

Abstract: The current study aims to assess the importance of the Jewish cultural heritage in the city of Oradea, Bihor County, Romania, an emerging and highly dynamic tourist destination. This synagogue was revealed as the most representative building pertaining to the Jewish cultural heritage was revealed based on a survey applied to the central public authorities, tourists and the local population. As a result, the Sion Neologue Synagogue stood out as the most representative of the Jewish identity heritage in a proportion of 90%, while 96% of the respondents replied that it is the most important tourist site of the city altogether, especially after its rehabilitation works. Among the other listed buildings, the Sion Neologue Synagogue was selected by the interviewees based on its uniqueness and novelty features, trimmed up in an eclectic style, imbued with Art Nouveau ornamentations.

Volume XI |

The role and importance of historical monuments in the diversification of tourism offer in Oas Land (Romania)

Abstract: In the context of the European and Romanian society transitioning from an industrial society to an informational one, based on knowledge, it becomes more and more necessary to analyze the problem of exploring the local potential and elaborating the best strategies for territorial development, starting from the local realities. In this respect, the following paper aims to identify and highlight the role and the importance of historical monuments in sustainable and responsible territory development through tourism at local level, in Oaş Land.