Volume XIII |

Premises for tourism development in the settlements of the middle sector of the Prut river (Botoșani and Iași counties)

Abstract: The tendency to capitalize less known and promoted natural and cultural resources is also remarked among the current trends of the tourism development. Along time, in Romanian tourism, some areas that concentrate a greater number of resources have been capitalized in tourist activities and programmes. In the context of the current changes, starting from the need to reduce the economic disparities at regional and local level, other tourist resources have also been included in the hospitality and travel industry. In Romania, the Prut valley is characterised as an extended crossborder area with the Republic of Moldova but also as having an authentic tourist potential. Based on the bibliographic data and the field research, one has seen that the settlements situated on both banks of the Prut river own important tourist resources, the natural ones dominating, followed by the cultural ones. Consequently, the whole Prut valley offers real conditions for developing some tourism forms and attracting potential tourists interested to see a nature scarcely changed by human activities. A first tackling refers to the human settlements in the Prut corridor in the Botoșani county.

Volume IX |

The Intensification of Antropic Pressure Through the Expansion of the Constructed Area in the Subcarpathian Sector of the Prahova Valley/Romania (1800-2008)

Abstract: The present research focuses on the evolution of anthropic pressure on the environment through the continuous development of the constructed space, in a diachronic comparative analysis of urban-rural environment, detailed on the basis of two characteristic examples: Breaza town and Cornu town. The information resulted from the historical maps was completed by mapping from the ortophotoplans and GPS land surveys. The data base went through statistic differential processes and correlational analysis with the conditions of the physical support, highly important limitations and favorabilities in the assessment of the vulnerability of the Subcarpathian space being revealed.