Volume XV |

Evaluation of geoheritage models – analysis and its application on the loess profiles in Vojvodina region

Abstract: The touristic value of geoheritage sites has an important role in the decision of the tourists to visit certain destination. Also, the same site can help the people working in tourism to decide about the investments in certain geosite. In order to avoid subjectivity in assessing the value, several quantitative evaluation methods of objects are created, which criteria don’t differ too much. Mostly scientific values, representativeness, wholeness as well as tourist equipment are being evaluated. Evaluation models aim to draw attention to the current conditions and the potential every evaluated geosite has. This paper presents an analysis of the chosen quantitative models of geoheritage evaluation, where their effectiveness is checked by the evaluation of three loess – paleosol profiles in Vojvodina, from the Geoheritage List of Serbia. The differences between the models are influenced by the degree of accuracy in the assessment, where for some models, the criteria is not clear when assigning the ratings.