Volume XI |

The periods with pluviometric surplus from the Timiş hydrographical basin (1965-2009)

Abstract: The present study is based on the statistical processing of values, referring to the average monthly and average annual precipitations, for the period 1965-2009. The data was taken from six meteorological stations, five of which are located in the hydrographical basin of the Timiş river, and one station is located in the immediate proximity of this basin. The calculation formula used for the identification of the periods with pluviometric surplus, from the entire period and for all analysed meteorological stations, was the Standardised Precipitation Anomaly – SPA. According to the SPA values and their distribution during the analysed period, within the basin, the degree of vulnerability may be determined for the Timiş hydrographical basin compared to the climatic risk, induced by the precipitation surplus, and, thus, compared to the risk induced by the extreme hydrological phenomena, like floods, which are especially of a pluvial origin.