Issue 2

Forum geografic: Volume XIX, issue 2


Geographical studies and environment protection research

Volume XIX, issue 2 (12 2020), pp. 119-224

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Editors Slavoljub DRAGIĆEVIĆ, Vesna LUKIĆ, Nina NIKOLOVA


  1. Landslide-susceptibility Analysis, Mapping and Validation in the Bălăcița Piedmont (South-West Romania)
  2. Assessment of Soil Erosion by RUSLE Model using Remote Sensing and GIS – A case study of Ziz Upper Basin Southeast Morocco
  3. GRASS GIS for topographic and geophysical mapping of the Peru-Chile Trench
  4. Agriculture drought assessment based on remote sensing, cloud computing, multi-temporal analysis. A case study: the Mostiștea Plain (Romania)
  5. Flood Mapping and Estimation of Flood Water-Level Using Fuzzy Method and Remote Sensing Imagery (Case Study: Golestan Province, Iran)
  6. The Buzău river alluvial fan – a groundwater modeling approach to sustainable exploitation
  7. Sensitivity, Exposure, and Vulnerability to Climate Change of the Long-legged Buzzard (Buteo rufinus) in Europe
  8. Spatio-Temporal Analysis of the Disease Incidence in the population of Lviv region
  9. The Implications of the Sahel Security Crisis for the Development of Tourism Industry in Algeria
  10. Containment and mitigation strategies during the first wave of Covid-19 pandemic. A territorial approach in CCE countries