Issue 1

Forum geografic: Volume XVIII, issue 1


Geographical studies and environment protection research

Volume XVIII, issue 1 (06 2019), pp. 5-92

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Editors Slavoljub DRAGIĆEVIĆ, Vesna LUKIĆ, Nina NIKOLOVA


  1. Professor Constantin Savin Life and Activity
  2. Climate parameters relevant for avalanche triggering in the Făgăraș Mountains (Southern Carpathians)
  3. Tracing the development of weather radar technology in Romania and worldwide
  4. In search of the last remaining giants. Modelling the conservation potential of century old trees within the Continental and Steppic Biogeographical Regions of Romania
  5. Peri-urban livelihood dynamics: a case study from Eastern India
  6. A Belief-Desire-Intention Agent-based procedure for urban land growth simulation. A case study of Tehran Metropolitan Region, Iran
  7. Romanian born population residing in Hungary, 2011-2017
  8. Estimating the tourist carrying capacity for protected areas. A case study for Natura 2000 sites from North-Western Romania
  9. Analysis of geographic hierarchy from attributes of local government area in Nigeria