Issue 1

Forum geografic: Volume XVII, issue 1


Geographical studies and environment protection research

Volume XVII, issue 1 (06 2018), pp. 5-105

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Editors Péter BAJMÓCY, Slavoljub DRAGIĆEVIĆ, Vesna LUKIĆ, Nina NIKOLOVA


  1. Soil pollution prevention and control measures in China
  2. Lateral migration of the Jiu river course between 1864 and 2018. Case study: Craiova – Zăval sector
  3. Considerations on the Influence of Micro Urban Heat Islands to the Temperature – Humidity Index During July 2017 in Craiova City Centre
  4. The analysis of relationship between microclimate and microbial carbon-dioxide production in the soils of the Tapolca and Gömör-Tornai karst terrains, Hungary
  5. Arch dam failure preliminary analysis using HEC-RAS and HEC-GEO RAS modeling. Case study Someșul Rece 1 reservoir
  6. Playing with water – An introduction to experimental hydrology
  7. Estimation of drinking water supply and its future trends in Varanasi city, India
  8. Indicators for evaluating the role of green infrastructures in sustainable urban development in Romania
  9. Using GIS methods to analyze spatial characteristics of urban transportation system in Craiova city
  10. Mapping spatial urban growth and land use change using geoinformatics technique in Varanasi District, Uttar Pradesh, India
  11. An evaluation of the human resources potential of the Western Region (Romania)