Supplement 2

Forum geografic: Volume XV, supplement 2


Geographical studies and environment protection research

Volume XV, supplement 2 (12 2016), pp. 7-103

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Editors Gabriel MINEA, Gianina NECULAU, João L.M.P. de LIMA


  1. A Special Issue: Hydrological Behaviour in Small Basins Under Changing Conditions
  2. Field Assessment of Soil Water Repellency Using Infrared Thermography
  3. Effect of changes in groundwater levels on selected wetland plant communities
  4. SWAT Model Application for Simulating Nutrients Emission from an Agricultural Catchment in Ukraine
  5. Evaporation and evapotranspiration in Romania
  6. Assessment of Flash Flood Hazard Maps Using Different Threshold Values and Indices Methods
  7. Results of a long-term study on an experimental watershed in southern Italy
  8. Measuring and modelling water transport on Skaftafellsheiði, Iceland
  9. Smart Data for ICT-based Water Management
  10. Field Experimental Studies of the Leaching of Humic Substances from the Peat Soils and Estimation of their Role in Dissolved Iron Transportation
  11. The Influence of Extreme Rainfall on Flow, Soil Moisture, Nutrients and Tracer Pathways
  12. HYDROBOD: obtaining a GIS-based hydrological soil database and a runoff coefficient calculator for Lower Austria
  13. Pollution load released into the Bay of Gdańsk by small river catchments in the coastal city of Sopot
  14. Temporal rainfall properties at events scale in the Curvature Subcarpathians (Romania)