Issue 2

Forum geografic: Volume XII, issue 2


Geographical studies and environment protection research

Volume XII, issue 2 (12 2013), pp. 115-225

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Editors Péter BAJMÓCY, Slavoljub DRAGIĆEVIĆ, Vesna LUKIĆ, Nina NIKOLOVA


  1. The change of the urban network along the middle and lower Danube during transition
  2. Factorial analysis of the territorial disparities on the southern part of the Romanian – Hungarian border
  3. The impact and importance of return migration in East Central Europe
  4. Non-realised plans for the enlargement of the Danubian waterway
  5. The new immigration in Sicily: between acceptance and rejection. The case of the city of Vittoria
  6. GIS in Healthcare Planning: A Case Study of Varanasi, India
  7. Urban mobility management: new challenges for a sustainable future
  8. Urban territorial dynamics and socio-economic changes in Craiova city
  9. Pécs, a possible gateway city
  10. A conceptual viewpoint on the urban periphery. Craiova, Romania as a case study
  11. Competitiveness and sustainable development of the small towns in Romania. Case study: Marghita
  12. Landfills – territorial issues of cities from North-East Region, Romania
  13. Research possibilities in measuring allergic morbidity, using empirical data
  14. Thematic routes in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county according to the visitors’ opinion