Issue 2

Forum geografic: Volume XI, issue 2


Geographical studies and environment protection research

Volume XI, issue 2 (12 2012), pp. 118-245

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Editors Péter BAJMÓCY, Slavoljub DRAGIĆEVIĆ, Vesna LUKIĆ, Nina NIKOLOVA


  1. The wind regime of Romania – Characteristics, trends and North Atlantic oscillation influences
  2. Pollution of Soils by Heavy Metals from Irrigation near Mining Region of Georgia
  3. Formal and legal aspects of the forest landscape design in Poland
  4. Evaluating the Touristic Potential of Georgia’s Landscapes
  5. Characteristics of the urban settlements network in The Republic of Macedonia
  6. Tourism evaluation of IBA areas in the Serbian part of Banat
  7. Agroclimatic conditions in Oltenia during the spring of 2011
  8. Patterns of winter tourism activity in the Bucegi Mountains – the Prahova Valley (the Southern Carpathians)
  9. Torrentiality – Morphohydrographical conditions in the Sebeş Basin (The Parâng Mountains Group, Southern Carpathians)
  10. The periods with pluviometric surplus from the Timiş hydrographical basin (1965-2009)
  11. Trends in land cover change in abandoned mountain pastures. A case study: Măgura Marga Massif (the Southern Carpathians)
  12. Urban image analysis through visual surveys. Craiova town (Romania) as a case study
  13. The role and importance of historical monuments in the diversification of tourism offer in Oas Land (Romania)
  14. The evaluation of the geomorphological touristic potential of mountainous areas. Case study: the Rarău Massif