Issue 1

Forum geografic: Volume XI, issue 1


Geographical studies and environment protection research

Volume XI, issue 1 (06 2012), pp. 1-117

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Editors Péter BAJMÓCY, Slavoljub DRAGIĆEVIĆ, Vesna LUKIĆ, Nina NIKOLOVA


  1. Atmospheric Pollution by Iceland Volcano Lava Dispersion – the Brussels Case
  2. Adoption of NAMEA Air Emission Accounts in Hungary
  3. Using GIS in the Assessment of Landscape visual quality: a Methodological Approach Applied to Piatra Neamt, Romania
  4. Industrial landscape expansion and evolution in Bucharest’s District 4
  5. Land use changes in the Bâsca Chiojdului river basin and the assessment of their environmental impact
  6. Invasive terrestrial plant species in the Romanian protected areas. Case study: Fallopia japonica in the Maramureş Mountains Natural Park
  7. The Evaluation of Geomorphosites from the Ponoare Protected Area
  8. Morphometric features of the river network from the Bârlad catchment
  9. The Studineț Basin (Tutova Hills). Morphometric Indicators and Correlations
  10. Changes in air temperature and precipitation and impact on agriculture
  11. The sediment transport of the Siret River during the floods from 2010
  12. Rural Development Potential of Peripheral Areas – Case Study Bochov (Bohemia)
  13. The Functional Transformation of Settlements in Central Serbia