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Forum geografic: Volume IX, issue 9


Geographical studies and environment protection research

Volume IX, issue 9 (11 2010), pp. 1-196

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  1. The Ancient City of Callatis and the Neotectonic Movements
  2. The Analysis of the Relief Fragmentation Features within the Bălăciţa Piedmont
  3. The Dynamics of the Present Processes within the Sărăţel Catchment Area
  4. Endokarstic Relief within the Natural Reserve Area of “Repedea Hill Fossil Site”
  5. Assessment of Soil Fertility Management Practices and Their Constraints in Different Geographic Locations of Nepal
  6. Ecoclimatic Indexes within the Oltenia Plain
  7. Comparison between the Oltenia Plain and the Southern Dobroudja Plateau in Terms of Pluviometric Deficit
  8. The Determination of the Degree of Trophicity of the Lacustrine Wetlands in the Eastern Carpathians (Romania)
  9. Particulate Matter and Nitrogen Dioxide in the Brussels Ambient Air. To What Extent Local Emission Reductions Need to Be Drastic to Enable Compliance with the EU Limit Values
  10. Heavy Metals Identified in Airborne Particles During Weekend Periods in Brussels Urban Environment
  11. Index of Indoor Air Chemical Pollution
  12. Indoor Air Quality in Bucharest Housings in the Framework of Present Environmental Changes
  13. The Rurality between the Râmnicul Sărat and the Buzau Valleys – Definitive Component of the Subcarpathian Landscapes Dynamics
  14. The Analysis of Forest Dynamics within the Carpathians – The Subcarpathians Contact Area by Using the Historical Cartography Approach and Open Source GIS Software. Case Study: The Limpedea Catchment (Romania)
  15. The Intensification of Antropic Pressure Through the Expansion of the Constructed Area in the Subcarpathian Sector of the Prahova Valley/Romania (1800-2008)
  16. Mathematical Models Used for Visual Assessment of the Landscape In Situ – Case Study Sinaia Town
  17. The Landscapes Differentiations in the Prahova Sector of the Bucegi Mountains
  18. Issues of Territoriality and Territorial Cohesion in the Revision of the TSP and the Territorial Agenda – A Sort of Connection Between Geography and Regional Policy
  19. The Subsidence Caused by the Waste-Coal Self-Ignition Process in the Anina Town (Romania). Preliminary Study
  20. Characteristics of the Industrialization Process Around the Moment of Collapse of a Centralized Political System. Romania as a Case Study
  21. The Use of the Digital Terrain Model in Analyzing the Natural Potential of the Muntele Mic – Poiana Mărului – Ţarcu Mountains Tourist Area to Extend and Plan the Ski Domain
  22. Social Vulnerability and Risks Associated to the Balkan Endemic Nephropathy in Mehedinţi County
  23. Responsible Tourism and Tourism Ecology