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Forum geografic: Volume VIII, issue 8


Geographical studies and environment protection research

Volume VIII, issue 8 (11 2009), pp. 1-151

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  1. The Semiautomated Identification of the Planation Surfaces on the Basis of the Digital Terrain Model. Case Study: The Mehedinti Mountains (Southern Carpathians)
  2. Coastal Environmental Changes Along the North Western Coast of Egypt Case Study from Alexandria to El Alamein Coast
  3. The Present-Day Erosional Processes in the Alpine Level of the Bucegi Mountains – Southern Carpathians
  4. Inventoring and Evaluation of Geomorphosites in the Bucegi Mountains
  5. The Importance of the Asymmetry of Small Hydrographic Basins in the Occurrence of Major Floods in the Rarău Massif
  6. The Relief of the Shumen’s Plateau in GIS Environment
  7. Classification Systems for the Hydrographical Network
  8. Assesment of Degradation Processes and Limitative Factors Concerning the Arenosols from Dăbuleni-Romania
  9. Soil Quality Cards for Participatory Soil Quality Assessment in Organic and Smallholder Agriculture
  10. Notions Regarding the Relation between Landforms and Soil in the Eastern and North-Eastern Region of the Romanian Plain
  11. Meteo-Climatic Risks in the Timiş Plain with Impact on Agriculture
  12. Considerations upon the Heat Wave from July 2007
  13. Drainage Evolution Determined by the Dynamics of Forest Areas within the Motru Hydrographic Basin
  14. The Role of Cultural Economy in Urban Competition with a Special Emphasis on Museums
  15. The Evolution of the Urban Public Transport During the 1950-2006 Period in Romania
  16. The Changes of the Food Processing Industry in Western Transdanubia from the Time of the Democratic Transformation to Our Days
  17. Types of Rural Landscapes in the Oltenian Subcarpathian Depressions
  18. Vulnerability to Natural Hazards in Romania
  19. The Position of Rural-Urban Fringe in the Framework of Human Settlement System
  20. Germans in Romania between the 1930s and the 2002s – Geographical Aspects