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Flood Mapping and Estimation of Flood Water-Level Using Fuzzy Method and Remote Sensing Imagery (Case Study: Golestan Province, Iran)

Abstract: Recently, the heavy precipitation occurred across the north of Iran caused an unprecedented flood. Due to the topographic conditions of the study area, not paying attention to the regular dredging of the river has caused a lot of problems for the local people. On the other hand, due to the frequent rainfall, the occurrence of flooding for a long time was another major problem. The combination of Remote Sensing and GIS can make a substantial contribution to flood assessment and management. In the present study, a fuzzy method is developed to show the hidden potential of Landsat satellite images for flood mapping. This paper presents the process of rapid access to water level information, which can provide valuable data for decision makers. The overall accuracy obtained for the flooded and damaged area is 87.23% and 46% respectively, and Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) of 27.68 cm is obtained for water-level based in the proposed algorithm.