Types of Riverbed along the Lower Course of the Buzău River

Abstract: In the present study there were analyzed two sectors of river bed, located along the lower course of the Buzau River: Vadu Paşii – Săgeata (sector of braided channel) and Ibrianu – Custura. Through the calculation of some indices (the braiding index, the sinuosity index), the performance of correlations between elements established through measurements (length and amplitude of the meanders, the width of the river bed) could be differentiated the types of river beds. By analyzing the Austrian maps in 1910, of the topographic maps, orthophotoplans and Landsat images from 1987, 2000, 2006 and 2007 it could be observed the spatial dynamics of the specific element of each type of river bed. For the Vadu Paşii – Săgeata sector the braiding index reduced from 3.4 in 1981 to 2.32 in 2005. In the Ibrianu –Custura sector, there took place many underpinnings at the level of the complex meanders, and the length of the river reduced from 36.4 km to 24.5 km.