Volume VIII |

Considerations upon the Heat Wave from July 2007

Abstract: The present paper renders the analysis of the evolution of the heat wave that affected Romania between the 15th and the 24th of July 2007. This was the most intense heat wave registered in July; it also had the longest duration in the entire period since Romania made systematic meteorological observations. It affected the entire country, especially the southern and western regions, with the exception of mountainous area, where the effects were minimal. The maximum temperature for July was exceeded by 0.8°C, outlining an important increase in the evolution of July temperature, which may hold increased significance on the background of global warming. The heat wave mainly affected Hungary, Italy, Greece, Romania, Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine. All activity branches felt the consequences of this evolution. Thus, the paper is extremely useful to the experts in climatology, meteorology, to those who try to achieve a master or PhD thesis, to students and to all those interested in climatologic issues.