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Forum geografic: Volume X, issue 1

Forum geografic

Geographical studies and environment protection research

Volume X, issue 1 (06 2011), pp. 1-211

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Editors Péter BAJMÓCY, Slavoljub DRAGIĆEVIĆ, Vesna LUKIĆ, Nina NIKOLOVA


  1. Floodplains – Links between Countries and Landscapes
  2. Geohazard Assessment in the Eastern Serbia
  3. Application of Object Based Image Analysis for Glacial Cirques Detection. Case Study: The Ţarcu Mountains (Southern Carpathians)
  4. Glacial and Periglacial Relief in the Făgăraş Mountain, with Special Focus on the Vâlsan River Basin
  5. Typological and Morphometric Characteristics of the Glacial Cirques in Doamnei River Basin (Făgăraş Massif)
  6. The Landforms of the Făgărăș Mountains (The Argeș Mountain Catchment): Analysis of the Related Dynamic Processes
  7. Features of the Ski Area from the Romanian Banat
  8. Landslide Assessment: From Field Mapping to Risk Management. A Case-Study in the Buzău Subcarpathians
  9. Downstream Variation in the Pebble Morphometry of the Trotuş River, Eastern Carpathians (Romania)
  10. Types of Riverbed along the Lower Course of the Buzău River
  11. The Geological and Morphological Structural Control in the Cricovul Dulce River Basin
  12. The Impact of Solar Activity on the Greatest Forest Fires of Deliblatska peščara (Serbia)
  13. Observed changes in precipitation in the Danube river lower basin in the context of climate change
  14. Indexes of Spring Arrival between 2000 and 2010 in Oltenia
  15. The Climatic Water Deficit in South Oltenia Using the Thornthwaite Method
  16. Temperature – Humidity Index (THI) within the Oltenia Plain between 2000 and 2009
  17. Structural and Non-Structural Measures for Flood Risk Mitigation in the Bâsca River Catchment (Romania)
  18. Observation of Unusual High Particulate Mass and Number Concentration during Traffic Ban Hours of the 2009 Car Free Sunday in the Brussels Urban Area
  19. Land Use Change in the Bucharest Metropolitan Area and its Impacts on the Quality of the Environment in Residential Developments
  20. Quantifying Forest Ecosystems Fragmentation in the Subcarpathians between the Râmnicu Sărat and the Buzău Valleys, Romania, Using Landscape Metrics
  21. Ecological Status Assessment of the Water Bodies Located in the Lower Sectors of the Jiu and the Motru Rivers (Oltenia, Romania)
  22. Types and Sources of Underground Water Table Pollution in Sânmihaiu German Settlement (Timiş County) – Preliminary Analysis