Publishing rules

1. Article submission

In order to disseminate the research results in the field, researchers, scholars and professionals are welcome to submit an electronic version of the manuscript (in Microsoft Office Word format).

Submission requirements: To submit an article for publication in our journal it is required that the article has not been published before, nor it is being considered for publication in other journals. Authors are responsible for the content and the originality of their contributions. In order to be published, articles must be thoroughly researched and referenced.

Copyright statement: By submitting a scientific work to Forum geografic the submitters agree to declare the following:

  1. the submitted work belongs exclusively to the declared authors;
  2. the submitted work represents original scientific research;
  3. the submitted work has not been published or submitted for publishing to another journal;
  4. if the submitted work is published or selected for publishing in Forum geografic, the authors waive any patrimonial claims derived from their authorship for the submitted work; the authors retain the moral rights for their submitted work, as granted under the Romanian applicable law; also, the authors agree to refrain from ulterior submitting of the work to other journals.

The submitters agree to be solely held accountable in case of breaching the above terms and to defend the representatives of Forum geografic in the event of a lawsuit related to the submitted work.

When submitting a paper the authors are required to print, fill and send a scanned copy of this declaration.

Creative Commons License Apart from the above conditions, the works published on forumgeografic.ro are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Privacy statement: The submitted personal data, such as names or email addresses, are used only for the declared purpose of the Forum geografic journal (publishing original scientific research).

Manuscripts are received at all times. However, in order to have your article published in the current year’s issue, the manuscripts must be submitted until the 15th of September.

2. Article format

All manuscripts must be edited entirely in English; Romanian speaking authors are required to add the Romanian translation of the paper’s abstract. The submission should only have a basic semantic format.
Download the article template and fill the contents as specified. Please observe the following rules:

  1. Do not apply any formatting to the text content. Emphasis should be used sparingly and only by applying the Emphasis style, not by formatting text as Italic.
  2. Use only the default styles for Title, Heading 1, Heading 2, and Normal text.
  3. Heading styles below the depth of Heading 2 (i.e. Heading 3, Heading 4…) are not allowed.
  4. Provide the mandatory information regarding authors, abstract, acknowledgements, author contribution, and references.
  5. Follow the APA 6 reference style, as specified.

The editorial board may reject any submissions that do not follow the above rules. For any further information, please contact us.

The expected reference style and citation format is APA 6th edition (for more details, consult the documentation available at www.apastyle.org).
We strongly advise you to use a software reference management solution – e.g. the Microsoft Office Word 2007 or 2010 citations and bibliography functions, Zotero – a free product able to collect, organize, import in Microsoft Office Word, cite, and share the bibliographic information, Mendeley – a free reference manager and academic social network.

3. Review process

All the manuscripts received by the editors undergo an anonymous peer review process, necessary for assessing the quality of scientific information, the relevance to the field, the appropriateness of scientific writing style, the compliance with the style and technical requirements of our journal, etc. The referees are selected from the national and international members of the editorial and scientific board, as well as from other scholarly or professional experts in the field. The referees assess the article drafts, commenting and making recommendations. This process leads either to acceptation, recommendation for revision, or rejection of the assessed article. Editors reserve the right to make minor editorial changes to the submitted articles, including changes to grammar, punctuation and spelling, as well as article format, but no major alterations will be carried out without the author’s approval. Before being published, the author is sent the proof of the manuscript adjusted by editors. If major revisions are necessary, articles are returned to the author so that he should make the proper changes. Authors are notified by email about the status of the submitted articles in at most 3 months from the receiving date.
The journal does not perceive any fee for the review process. The online articles can be downloaded without any fee. The hard copy of the journal can be purchased for a fee of 15 euro. There are no expedition taxes for destinations within Romania. For any destination within the world the author shall also pay the expedition taxes.

4. Article processing charges

Forum Geografic does not charge any fee for peer review management, journal production and online hosting and archiving to authors or institutions.