Volume XI |

Residents and non-residents’ perception towards the touristic image of Craiova municipality, Romania

Abstract: As for every major tourist destination, the touristic image plays an important role serving to consolidate the binding between visitor and destination, being an amalgam of knowledge, feelings, expectations and impressions that people have about a location (Henderson, 2007). The destination identity is created by the sender (essentially the marketers), being sustained by the natural and man-made tourism resources, while the image, supported by the experiences and communications of the senders, is perceived by the receiver. In the touristic selection process tourists take into account tangible features such as the elements of the natural background and anthropic patrimony and intangible elements (relaxation, freedom).This study aims at exploring in which way Craiova municipality seen as a tourism destination conveys into a unique identity within the consumer’s mind, focusing on the identification and explanation of the attitudes of a sample of urban residents and non-residents towards tourism in Craiova and their grouping with respect to these attitudes. Thus this helps to identify the main tourism attractions and forms of tourism associated with this city and to further develop tourism activities.