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Typological and Morphometric Characteristics of the Glacial Cirques in Doamnei River Basin (Făgăraş Massif)

Abstract: The Doamnei River basin, situated on the southern slope of the Făgăraş Massif, is a proper field to study the glacial landforms, because it preserves the two types of glacial landscape identified by Emm. De Martonne even since 1907 for the Meridional Carpathians: the Făgăraş glacial landscape (typical alpine landscape) and the Borăscu glacial landscape. This paper intends to explain some theoretical and practical aspects regarding the correct definition and identification of glacial cirques, and to provide a glacial typology that includes morphological, genetic and topographic criteria. The paper also contains a geomorphologic map (the result of a more extensive analysis) of the glacial landforms in the Doamnei River basin (with 7 glacial complexes, isolated glacial cirques, glacio-nival cirques), the periglacial landforms and the Borăscu erosion surface.