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Industrial Landscape – a Landscape in Transition in the Municipality Area of Bucharest

Abstract: In the municipality area of Bucharest, the capital of a former socialist state, shows profound changes in landscape structure as a result of economic transition towards market economy and the consequent conversion of certain spaces to different uses (more commerce, less industry for example). The approaches regarding the dynamics of the industrial landscape and how conversion process is taking place is however limited. The purpose of the present paper is to define the industrial landscape, current trends and evolution of this landscape type within the urban tissue. Also, models of conversion in the post-industrial landscape are pointed out in this article. The methodology used is based on evaluation sheets that have been applied in several industrial areas in Bucharest. The results obtained from the survey showed that the industrial landscape is experiencing a quick transition, many industrial units are transformed into supermarkets, malls or business buildings, and often the investors choose to demolish the industrial artifacts instead of preserve and use them. These changes are affecting the urban tissue and the communities, not always being good examples.